The fight against cockroaches is not easy for her ability to travel fast.

La lucha contra las cucarachas no es fácil por su capacidad para desplazamientos rápidos.








   Is known to the cockroaches, the damages that produce by the food that touch and the prejudice does not take root in the material that they eat, but in the pollution of this food by his secretions, with a characteristic smell unpleasantly and bacterium, virus and protozoos that trasportan after having contacted with feces of the sewers where they nest.

The cockroaches hide from the light.

 The insects that more diseases transmit are the cockroaches.

   With regard to bacterium were found more than thirty related to cockroaches, it is true that these insects are transmitters of diseases, but there is a direct link between a disease and a particulary
species of cockroach, further research has been discovering that can lead either on the surface of her body or in the gut bacterium polluting some residents in the garbage or feces that floor and eat, producing the following diseases: leprosy, bubonic plague, dysentery, diarrhoea among children, urinary and bowel infections, inflammation and training with pus, gastroenteritis, enteric fever and typhoid. Several studies show that cockroaches can acquire, maintain and excrete certain viruses, being vectors of infectious hepatitis.

    There is documentation problems of the body in contact with cockroaches as dermatitis, edema on the eyelids and nose, tearing steady eyes, sneezing. It is easy for people who have these symptoms, in the future trigger irritation or allergic reaction to cockroaches secretions.

The cockroaches are a plague of insects that damage the house and garden

There has been demonstrated that the cockroaches are transmisoras of allergies.

    Roaches have been identified as vectors for allergies associated with asthma. The source causing the allergy to cockroaches is in their bodies, secretions, stool and eggs that are found in house dust. There are several ways of contagion:
               • Inhalation of allergens residents in body and feces, produces asthma in subjects sensitive to extract the cockroach.
                • The ingestion of contaminated food cockroach, it must be borne in mind that these allergens are thermostable, it is not affected by cooking.
                • For contact when handling or touching cockroaches, in the case of workers in laboratories or cleaning pests.
                • Another way is by injection are local reactions caused by the bites of cockroaches.

We will not leave food remains in the kitchen.

 A cockroach can survive during more than one month without water, or food.

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