Flies feel a special attraction to ultraviolet light.

Las moscas tienen una  atracción especial a la luz ultravioleta.









  Within the range of insects, the Lepidoptera such as butterflies or moths uses the solar light to be orientated, to feed and even for the eggs putting. Given the nature of these insects, especially moths, the light absence at night makes them rest or hide, for that reason when we ignite a strong light in complete darkness, they think that it is by day and they go to that heat source, even when approaching fire makes them die. The insects are especially attracted by the ultraviolet light emitted at 365 nanometers, the better wavelength for the decoy of insects, because they have radioactive cells that attract to them towards the luminance energy. The white light attracts these insects, but the yellow light no.

The flies have a few eyes compound that are capable of detecting rapid movements

The flying insects are attracted by the light.

    In the study of biology is called compound eyes, the organ that has some insects, including flies, consist of hundreds the units responsive, called ommatidos with sensory cells that distinguish individually between light and darkness or any colour, Begins at strip ultraviolet reaching orange. The image receiving flies are sets of multiple ommatidos oriented in different directions. The compound eye can detect fast movements and elementary principles of vision.

     Flies like many other insects are attracted to light, especially at night, are immersed in the dark and the contrast between this and light, coupled with the fact of that the insects are prepared to answer to showy things, makes the attraction is much higher.

In the control of plagues of flies there in use the attraction that has towards the light.

The electrical exterminators use the attraction, which the flies have towards the light to eliminate them.

     Flies carry some pigments that respond to light called criptocromo, is a molecule recipient of the light with which regulates the cardiac rhythm of the fly, And simultaneously it regulates one waking, rest and activity, body temperature, cardiac output and other functions. When the animals are exposed to the constant and intense light, the heart rate becomes rhythmic, without confuses night with the day, disorienting the biological internal clock. This insect is called photopositive and the phenomenon by which reacts to light fototaxis.

To eliminate the flies the electrical exterminators are very used.

The flies like all the insects are of cold blood, using the light to warm up.

     The science does not have a concrete response to this topic, but for the realized studies, one believes an important reason is to warm up, since they are animals of cold blood and are necessary heat for live. The majority of the photopositive insects that are attracted by the light are in the habit of night.


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