Diseases that are transmitted by the droppings of rodents.

Enfermedades que se transmiten por los excrementos de los roedores.








The rats are the most widespread animals all over the world.

The rats saliva and excrements transmit the most common diseases.

The most common diseases transmitted by rats and mice by means of the excrements and saliva:

  •        Hantavirus: The virus is present in the animal urine, saliva and excrements; it mixes with the atmosphere through air or dust. The initial symptoms are muscular pains and fever. Nevertheless, the primary symptom of the Hantavirus disease is the difficulty to breathe, caused by the accumulation of fluids in the lungs. It is mainly transmitted by the mice.

The diseases that transmit the mice and rats produce many expenses in the whole world.

The first hantavirus symptoms are confused with pneumonia.

  •        Leptospirosis: it is transmitted by the rats urine, by dogs and cows faeces and urine. The medical profile is similar to an influenza with high fever, muscular pains, shiver, perspiration, headaches, and pains in the lumbar area. In some cases it passes to a second phase with greater seriousness - ( it is also called the Weil's disease) and the symptoms are renal manifestaciones such as high protein levels and presence of blood in urine, liver damage manifesting itself as jaundice.

  •       Taeníasis: It is an infection of the digestive system produced by tapeworms which are flat worms, that is less and less frequent, because of the correct processing of the meat for feeding. Each day the tapeworms produce millions of eggs, that are evacuated by faeces. Rats carry them in in their faeces;  mammals too can consume infected animals. When a human eats an animal meat with worms or under-cooked he gets infected. In most of the cases the infection is asymptomatic.

  •       Trichinosis: It is a parasitic disease produced by a roundworm called Trichinella spiralis. It is transmitted by the rat through excrements. It infects all the mammals and it can be transmitted to the man. The infection generally occurs by ingesting the larvae within the muscles; these are freed in the stomach and mature in the small intestine. In the severe infections, that cause disease and sometimes death, the symptoms are: diarrhoea, nausea, vomits, moderate fever and abdominal pain.

  •       Toxoplasmosis:  It is a medical term given to a human infectious disease and of many other animals, caused by an intracellular parasite of world-wide distribution, the Toxoplasma gondii. The disease is considered a zoonosis, that is it normally exists in other animals but it can be transmitted to human beings. The source of primary infection is the rats faeces. Toxoplasmosis can cause slight and asymptomatic infections, as well as mortal infections that mainly affect the fetus, newborn child, the old and vulnerable people. The most common symptoms are headaches, muscular pains, swollen lymph nodes, etc. In a chronic phase, the infections forms a cyst in the tissues,  disease.

The control of plagues of mice and rats is important to eradicate diseases.

Mice traps must be placed near the nests.

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