• Catalogo 2017

All for dogs, feeding, watering, houses, sheds, kennels for travel, etc.

Dogs There are no products in this category.


  • Feeders

    Dog feeders, hoppers galvanized sheet, plates, automatic hoppers, etc.

  • Waterers

    Dog troughs, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, tank, etc.

  • Houses - Kennels

    Wooden houses and kennels, resin, wire, for the garden, plastic, PVC, galvanized sheet, etc.

  • Cribs

    Stalls of various sizes for dogs.

  • Carriers

    Kennels for dogs, of various sizes and made of durable materials.

  • Dog Boxes
    Boxes for animals made up of modular elements, to create your own cage as you wish. A world full of possibilities.
  • Parasites repellers

    Parasites repellent for dogs and cats, necklaces, pipettes, soaps, sprays, lotions, etc.