Rodent traps


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Rodent traps

Here you can find all kinds of traps to capture either alive or dead mice, the usual wood, plastic, adhesive, metal cages, plus spares correspodientes as baits and glues, or rodenticides.

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  • Rodenticides

    Different types of rodenticides to kill the pesky mice or rats may disturb our home or work.

  • Plastic traps

    Different types of plastic traps to catch mice or rats either dead or alive.

  • Metalic traps

    Metal traps to capture live mice and rats.

  • Adhesive traps

    Glue traps used to catch mice and rats, or to catch insects, cockroaches, ants, spiders or small reptiles.

  • Wood traps

    Traditional wooden traps to catch mice and rats in your home or work.

  • Spare parts

    Spare parts for the traps to catch mice or rats: baits and adhesives.