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Personal protective equipment, gloves, helmets, masks, boots, vests, earmuffs, stoppers, creams, filters, aluminized protection, disposable protections, etc.

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  • Aluminized

    All kinds of aluminized clothing such as helmets, gloves, visors, covers necks, hood, robes, capes, aprons, pants, boots covers, sleeves.

  • Ergonomics

    All kinds of lumbar girdles, wristbands, knee pads, etc., to protect our joints.

  • Disposable body...

    All kinds of disposable protective equipment for body, head, feet and hands.

  • Gloves

    Gloves to protect our hands against mechanical hazards, cuts, chemicals, microorganisms, for precision work, including disposable gloves.

  • Respiratory protection.

    Set of products for respiratory protection, masks, masks.

  • Filter

    Filters for dust, paint, chemicals, gases, organic and inorganic vapors, radioactive iodine. mist and smoke.

  • Facial Protection and...

    Facial and head protection, for applications: Sectors: painting, gardening, forestry, construction, painting, wood, agriculture and livestock, work abroad, welding and against infrared radiation from ovens, etc.

  • Hearing protection

    Hearing protection, headphones, earplugs, headphones with helmet, etc.