Traps for wasps


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Traps for wasps

Different types of traps to capture wasps to avoid annoying bites.

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  • 3,21 €

    (ref.: 0700606024)

    Valid for the apprehension of insects in any place, interior and exterior, in terraces, porches, gardens, swimming pools and even inside the home. There is important the control of this trap and to locate it in another place when we verify that the apprehension is not the awaited one. Though it is a trap without insecticides, we must to go away it from...

    3,21 €
  • 8,83 €

    (ref.: 1345001)

    Is an outdoor trap for wasps suitable for barbecue, deck, porch, barn, shed and garbage. Is based on a plastic container and wasp attractant which creates a wasp bait for most successful trapping. The wasps are drowned without the use of any poisons.

    8,83 €
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  • 10,14 €

    (ref.: STV368)

    Special trap to catch wasps. Supplied in packs of 6 different colors (yellow, orange, pink, green, red and blue) to choose from. Redesign of the classic favorites to allow the use of bait easy and secure.

    10,14 €
  • 13,70 €

    (ref.: 0500041)

    Trap serves to capture and remove wasps. This trap is very effective because it includes a very attractive bait for wasps. Ideal to place outdoors and gardens, orchards, pools, stables, farms, garages...

    13,70 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items