Traps for cockroaches


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Traps for cockroaches

Different types of sticky traps with bait and insecticides to eliminate the pesky cockroaches in our home or work.

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    (ref.: 0426204072)
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    Trap to kill cockroaches of a simple and clean form, without the utilization of poisonous products, since only it incorporates food attractives. This trap is in use for the control and monitoring plague of cockroaches, since it is very easy and commode of placing.

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    (ref.: 1525260)
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    In the interior this one composed by an adhesive plate where the cockroaches remain adhered, simultaneously for a natural bait that it attracts to the cockroaches. The trap is effective in both domestic and small commercial premises. Place traps in places where you think cockroaches congregate. Typical hiding places are under sinks, behind refrigerators,...

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  • 7,02 €

    (ref.: 740012UNID)

    Wide variety of pesticides to provide solutions for each of the situations that we may encounter in the cultivation or care of houseplants, terrace, gardens and allotments: insecticides, miticides, fungicides, anti ants, rodenticides, herbicides, anti flying insects, etc. They have been developed to miniminar harmful effects on the environment and living...

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  • 7,25 €

    (ref.: 006146)
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    Adhesive traps for the apprehension and elimination of cockroache. Realized with natural products that they do not damage the environment, they do not produce problems to pets or persons. The trap captures to the insects by the baits in tablets, that there attracting and the adhesive that it contains. 

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  • 7,31 €

    (ref.: 0100204)
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    Viscous trap for the apprehension of insects. Indicated for cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, bees, small reptiles, etc. Does not have contained poisonous products, can be in use in places where the utilization of insecticide products is not appropriate. It is inoffensive for pets and children, but as the tail it is visible it is necessary to to keep...

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  • 7,87 €

    (ref.: DIREXGEL)

    High appetite for ants. Its active ingredient acts by contact and ingestion. The ants are introduced into the bait box and ingest and transport the contaminated gel to the rest of the colony.

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  • 12,28 €

    (ref.: CRITON)

    Insecticide for control of cockroaches. Its gel formulation and its format allows syringe inserted into every corner. The attraction makes cockroaches can detect up to one meter. Odorless. Contains repellent

    12,28 €
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