Drive Away


  • Catalogo 2017
Drive Away

Variety of repellents for animals: dogs, cats, pigeons, gulls, small birds, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, parasites, mites, moles ... with different sitemas, mechanical visual, sonic, ultrasonic.

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  • Rats exterminators

    For repelling mice, rats and bats, both sonic and ultrasonic, which can be battery or connected to the mains.

  • Voles exterminators

    Repeller ultrasonic and vibration moles and voles.

  • Birds exterminators

    Different systems to scare birds, visual, by the action of wind, mechanical spiked, for boats, sonic and ultrasonic.

  • Dogs and cats...

    Different dog and cat repeller ultrasound, also with flash and sprinklers with motion sensors.

  • Fly and crawling...

    Repelling flies, mosquitoes, mites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, ticks ultrasound.

  • Wild board repellers

    Products to frighten the wild boars of our crops, gardens, orchard, etc.

  • Snake repellers

    Snake, viper repellent based on natural products.