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All kinds of products for the garden or orchard, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, cultivation tables, seeds, substrates, garden tools, irrigation accessories and wine production.

Plants There are no products in this category.


  • Crops and Plants

    Variety of fertilizers for all kinds of plants, universal, for flowers, green plants, orchids, bonsai, cactus, acid and delicate, for the garden, citrus, conifers, grass and insecticides.

  • Urban gardening

    Tables and accessories to grow plants without having a large garden and orchard. Choose from wood or metal.

  • Seeds

    Variety of seeds: eggplant, zucchini, onions, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, spinach, beans, peas, basil, dill, cilantro, flowers, green. shoots, growing kits and packs of seeds.

  • Substratum

    Different types of substrates for our crops and plants, worm, grass, for acid plants, medicinal plants, truffle oak, horse compost, coconut, universal, etc.

  • Oenology

    Products for the proper conservation of wine, softeners acidity sanitizer warehouses, etc.

  • Barbecues

    Products for barbecues, charcoal, utensils, barbecues, etc.

  • Wattle

    Wattle, internal of varying heights, materials and colors, to decorate or protect our garden.

  • Mailbox

    Mailboxes of different designs, colors and materials.

  • Hedges

    Hedges for the garden, different colors, sizes and degrees of concealment.

  • Plant protector

    Protectors protect plants from insects and animals.

  • Garden Shears

    Shears with different diameters, cut, from one hand, two hands, pruning, hedge trimmers, classical, etc.

  • Professional shears

    Professional scissors, steel handle, rotary effect, pruning, extensible, one hand, two hands, hedge trimmers, vintage, etc.

  • Pole

    Poles with saw, hook, extension, lopper, etc.

  • Handsaw / Axes

    Various kinds of saws and axes to cut branches and prune trees.

  • Tools with wooden handle

    Tools wooden handle, shovels, rakes, ax, spade, broom, sweeper brush, pick fruit, hanging, etc.

  • Hoes

    Hoes forged steel with different shapes, weights and length of handles.

  • Shovels

    Shovel round, square, camping, food grade, etc.

  • Sheet shears

    Scissors for cutting sheet metal, left cut, straight cut, straight cut, plasterboard, wood.

  • Small tools

    Small garden tools and garden tools, shovel, transplanter, scarifying, spear, fork.

  • Gloves

    Different types of gloves for both children and adults.

  • Rope & Twine

    Nylon thread and cord, plastic, color, jute, cotton, etc.

  • Children garden

    Utensils and toys for the little ones help us and have fun in the garden.

  • Watering accessories

    Irrigation accessories, adapters, pistols, hoses, brass, aluminum, water pumps, decorative faucets, etc.

  • Garden accessories

    Other accessories for the garden, brooms, rakes, flashlights, etc.