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What is a mobile pen for hens, chickens, turkeys and geese?

A mobile pen is a structure that focuses on organic poultry production. both in the production of organic eggs and organic chicken, chicken, turkey and geese meat. The mobile corral is designed to develop a sustainable and ecological production. To differentiate itself from industrial production and get closer to healthy products for people.

It can move around the ground, being vital to develop an ecological production, since a great base of the bird's diet extracts it from the nutrients of the ground it walks on. The more nutrients there are in the soil, the more and better quality the products generated will be, this being a differentiating value for sale compared to other similar products.

All pens can be moved with a hitch kit that attaches to the tractor. This kit to move mobile pens consists of an implement to raise the pen and two wheels to move it on the ground.

What else do I need to equip the mobile pen?

Depending on the purpose, if we think about producing meat or foie gras, we will mainly have to think about feeders and drinkers.

  • The feeders can be metal or plastic, high-capacity suspended feeders such as 20 kg metal hoppers and 16 kg plastic hoppers are recommended. because they have the option of being manually loaded or automated with a motor, a silo and an auger. There is a wide variety of feeders suitable for this type of production.
  • In the types of drinkers we recommend the automatic bell or hanging drinker in the case of hens or chickens and the mini hanging drinker if they are chicks. For the manual option, siphon drinkers of 20, 30 or 40 liters are recommended.
  • The automatic door lifter allows us to raise the exit and entrance hatches of the birds to the mobile pen and saves us raising the doors manually and closing them at nightfall to prevent the entry of vermin.
  • To prevent rodents from taking advantage of the food and comfort of our animals and so that their presence does not cause stress and illness to our birds, we will place bait boxes to control rodents.

If we want to focus on the production of organic chicken eggs, we will add the following accessories in addition to the aforementioned feeders and drinkers:

  • The nesting boxes will help us protect the eggs and make the hen feel comfortable and safe when laying the eggs. We recommend bucket nests as the most suitable for ecological installations. For medium-sized farms, batteries of 12 nests are recommended, made up of 4 nests with 3 compartments, with a plate that separates the two sides and legs.
  • To collect the eggs in an orderly and safe way, the best is the egg tray.