Urban Agility Circuit for our beloved pets

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Agility circuit dog tunnel
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Agility circuit dog runway
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Agility seesaw for dogs Agility circuit
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What is Canine Agility circuit?

The agility circuit is a sport where the team made up of a dog and a person must complete a circuit in the shortest time possible. The person guides the dog without touching it and gives it orders to go through a series of obstacles such as tubes, ramps, fences, a catwalk, a fence, a table, a hoop jump, a long jump, a seesaw, etc. in the shortest possible time.

It is an activity whose popularity is increasing as both the person and the dog have a lot of fun exercising together outdoors.

Agility is a canine sport where you work on your attention span and rapport with your coach. As well as his physical and mental agility.

In our pet section you can find a large selection of boxes for dogs.

Agility canine circuit.

Line of urban elements intended for the creation of Agility circuits so that dogs and their handlers can train and perform physical activity together in an ideal environment. The best way to train your dog overcoming different types of obstacles, table, seesaw, fence with tunnel, tunnel, slalom, catwalk, fence jump, wall jump, gantry, long jump, hoop jump.