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Egg incubators allow you to incubate and raise your own birds at home or start your own agribusiness. These incubators simulate the temperature and humidity conditions as well as the ventilation and experience of a bird such as a hen brooding fertilized eggs. We must choose well which incubator we need and its characteristics and capabilities.

Egg incubators. Automatic egg incubators.

Automatic incubators and incubators, with 12, 24 or 49 eggs the size of goose or hen or 48, 96 or 196 of partridge, quail or any bird, depending on the equipment and without the need to change accessories. Automatic incubators have an automatic 45º turning system, which is carried out very slowly from one side to the other, almost negligibly. This turning is necessary so that the embryo does not remain attached to the shell membrane. Egg incubator with automatic turning. Quail egg incubator, chicken egg incubator, partridge or any bird. Incubateur d'oeufs avec retournement automatique. Incubateur d'oeufs de caille, incubateur d'oeufs de poulet, perdrix ou n'importe quel oiseau.