• What is the guarantee of our products?

All the products we manufacture Extertronic, S.L. They have two years warranty for manufacturing problems. The warranty of products distributed will be established by the manufacturers. Defects or damage due to incorrect use or manipulation of material or wear caused by normal use thereof, are not included in this warranty. The shortages in the functionality of the items, due to limited conception of them, are also excluded from coverage under this warranty. In case of failure of the product contact Extertronic, S.L. by telephone or by e-mail, if the product is under warranty you will have to attach a copy of the invoice and details of the fault.

  • What are the characteristics of the products?

All of them meet the specified characteristics indicated in the description, technical and photography.

  • How I can buy these products? And from abroad?

Directly into the Web page, you can purchase any product visit here HOW TO BUY

We also send our products to any country in the world except spray products and / or liquids that have restrictions in some countries. Please consult us before ordering if you want some of these products.

  • How soon get shipments?

Normally it takes three days in Spain and ten to fifteen days abroad, depending on the country of destination.

  • Where receipt the items?

Products are shipped directly to the address specified by the buyer in the order form.

  • What to do with a damaged package?

We package our products with painstaking care, why breaks are rare, but it is important that when you receive the package perform a thorough inspection of the product, if it is damaged, it must make a claim within a period of 24 hours writing via mail, to have a record of the complaint to even attaching a photograph if possible. Before signing the delivery note, if noticing that the package is not in good condition, you can write in the note "damaged goods" and the claim to the freight will be handled with the utmost urgency.

  • How I can pay?

You can pay by bank transfer, paypal, money order or money by Western Union, always providing all the information you need.

You can also choose Credit card VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS or MASTERCARD indicating payment or initiating safely by mail, fax or phone the number on the card and the expiration date.

Another only way to mainland Spain and Portugal is to pay shipping and COD.

  • Are taxes included in the price?

All prices listed on our website does include taxes (VAT, VAT, etc).

To consult the taxes applicable to the chosen destination country, it can be done in the order form. The prices listed in dollars, are subject to fluctuations in value due to the result of applying the daily exchange rate of the dollar against the Euro. Payment is only accepted in Euros.

In relation to value added tax (VAT), as a rule the rate of 21% for the territory of the EU where the tax applies shall apply. In the sale to any other country in the world it is VAT, however the customs systems of each country apply the relevant tax burdens, which are borne by the buyer.

Due to their special tax regime, purchases made by residents of the Canary Islands are exempt from VAT, but the costs of customs clearance and import taxes are not included in the item price or the shipping, and They shall be paid by the recipient of the goods.

If you have any further questions you can contact us at

 Teléfono de atención +34 964 470 458



Within our range of products, there are a large generic groups, depending on the needs of our customers, Chasing, repel or kill insects, rodents and pests that bother them.


  • How do the deterrents?

The animals are scared away because they can not adapt to the constantly changing ultrasonic signals emitted by the equipment. The environment becomes hostile and uncomfortable for them to be forced to leave the area has. Distinguish between sonic equipment, the human ear hears, and ultrasonic, we do not hear. When choosing a product you are sound check or deultrasonidos to avoid surprises.

How to differentiate sonic repellers and ultrasonic?

Sonic repellers generate sound and are perceptible to the human ear, typically achieve more coverage in square meters, but are not recommended in populated areas (especially birds). Ultrasonic repellers emit no audible sound, and projecting ultrasonic waves affecting the pinna of the animal to which they are determined. Ultrasound does not pass through the walls so you must put a computer in every room affected. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a powerful unit will cover an entire house, better put a small unit in every room.

  • It can affect people and pets?

Only affect animals that are destined never to children, the elderly or pets, in the case of insects and rodents only affects these animals, except pets like hamsters or guinea Indica. These products should be kept away from hamsters and mice and other house who might be affected.

  • How to choose a repellent?

It is very important to always choose the repelling telling the animal to which it is intended, as they are both sonic or ultrasonic waves at a frequency of specific sound that are geared to the animal we want to scare and under no circumstances are generic to all animals. Sometimes a single device can be used for various reptiles, insects and rodents, but always to be affected by the same frequency ultrasound. Ultrasound (above 20,000 Hz) are not heard nor human nor lot of animals.

Ultrasound does not penetrate walls. The signals bounce off hard surfaces produce a rebound effect. Sonabsorbidas signals by the soft as carpets, curtains or furniture which reduces the effectiveness surfaces. For best results, do not install the equipment behind furniture or curtains. Hedges are generally calculated for indoor environments where ultrasound can bounce off the walls, hedges foreign decrease of 50% and should be taken into account.

  • How to put a repellent?

For choosing a repellent is most important that the square footage is known to cover, always telling that to be in transparent, since the ultrasonic waves do not penetrate walls, furniture and rigid materials, with this, you should place a team in each affected area. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a powerful unit will cover an entire area, place a little better in every area but with a broadcast area covering unit is affected. Once chosen the repeller and the ideal place to locate placement, has value for the animal to which it is intended, counting the distance in centimeters from the ground:

- Insects and reptiles land about 20 cm / 40 cm..

- Dogs, cats and mammals from 30 cm / 60 cm .;.

- Birds flying and from 50 cm Insects.

The coverage in general is calculated for indoor environments where ultrasound can bounce off the walls. Outdoor coverage tend to decrease and should be taken into account. Wait two weeks to see results, after the equipment placed to see the results, you must have patience because it is not immediate.

No repelling devices combine with any other product like poison. Ultrasound repels and attracts poison so get the opposite effect confusing animals. Install only ultrasound equipment.

  • How long will I keep on the device?

Always leave your computer plugged. Its consumption is minimal and if you remove the animals could return. Whenever the computer is plugged your property will be protected. Connect the units to the electric current. Once plugged in it will run automatically. The light will indicate that the computer is working correctly. Let your computer work permanently to prevent animals off once again. If necessary, change the unit of place occasionally. For best results, install an additional unit in adjacent rooms or in the different heights of housing.


The problems with birds are often complex, ask our experts to recommend the best option for your particular problem. They will know which team is best suited to you.

Before placing any repellent thoroughly clean the area to be covered, especially when it comes to birds, cleanliness is very important because many birds are attracted by its own smell (excrements, nests, etc.) and by the smell of food . It is extremely important to maintain hygiene at least the early days of installation.

Always place the unit as close as possible to where the birds to flush on the deck, rafes, etc. Ultrasounds are generic to all birds, hear all, but the sonic are specific, there is a sound for each species so be sure to buy the right equipment for the bird you want to scare. The deterrents have a device to change the frequency and so avoid the bird gets used to a regular sound.

No repelling devices combine with any other product like poison. Ultrasound repels and attracts poison so get the opposite effect confusing birds. Install only ultrasound equipment. Once placed the team must wait several days or even weeks to see results, you must have patience because it is not immediate. If you have problems with an animal inside a false ceiling knows to place equipment inside it. If you put it in the room will not give any results because remember that ultrasound does not penetrate the walls.

Always leave your computer plugged. Its consumption is minimal and if you remove the animals could return. Whenever the computer is plugged your property will be protected.


  • How do the repellent?

All products have a rejection repellents for animals that are intended, not getting closer to the area where they have made the spreading of the product.

  • How these products apply?

It is important that you carefully read the instructions for use of repellents and technical specifications, which will indicate the dosage forms of placement and performance of these products.

  • Are these products harmful to people and pets?

Almost all of our products are made with plants and natural essential oils, which prevent the product is harmful to the environment, people and pets. Being natural products have a high concentration of these essences, which have some level of toxicity if ingested or touched by children. The risk to children or pets depends on the concentration and quantity of the product as well as the duration of exposure. Carefully read the label instructions and handling these products carefully. Keep the product away from any contact with people or animals.

  • How long does the effect of these products?

Repellent products have a shelf life from hours to days, depending on the product, the amount and the area where it is placed. At first it is to place several times a day, to slowly taper off the dose. In each technical specification of the product you may find specific dosing information.


  • How do the exterminators?

Exterminators of insects attracted by the actinic light they produce, can distinguish between electrocution and adhesives. Once inside the fly flying insects are electrocuted or glued board containing the adhesive.

  • How to choose an electric fly swatter?

Within the range of exterminators we must choose depending on the meters of coverage we need to cover. And we need to eliminate insects, if mosquitoes, moths or other insects small, with an output of 950 V is sufficient. But if you need to delete are flies, hornets, wasps and other larger insects, has been searching for a power swatter 4500 V.

Why choose an adhesive fly?

The fly adhesives are cleaner and discrete, they are designed to be camouflaged with the environment, being a very clean product, and you never see or touch the captured insects.

  • How to choose a trap?

Always choosing traps has to take into account the animal to be intended, the dimensions that we have to cover and the area where they have been placed. Always it has to take into account the size of the insect, rodent, etc.

  • Where do we place the traps?

Search areas frequented by them, you can tell by the droppings they deposit or visualize them in a particular area. If they are crawling insects near the entrances to the home, under appliances refrigerators, washers, etc. Or near drains sink, countertop or bathroom sinks. If you are rodents, stuck to the walls in walkways or where bowel movements are. For moles or voles in the galleries of the main passage near the montoneras. The rest of traps according to the instructions.