Control and elimination of cockroach infestations. As they feed, breed and live.

     Cockroaches are insects flattened body, can be measured in the range of 3-65 mm, with threadlike antennae that serve to orient themselves, because they lack the sense of sight, they are practically blind, use their antennae to detect vibrations on surfaces changes temperature and humidity. They have long, spiny legs and chewing mouthparts. They prefer to be in groups and are very difficult to eliminate insects, able to survive for more than a month without water and can absorb moisture from the atmosphere with his body.

     It is estimated that cockroaches have been present on earth for over 200 million years ago, suffering little change in its evolution. At present there are more than 3,500 species. Most cockroaches are tropical, only three species of cockroaches are temperate, the common black cockroach (Blatta orientalis), the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) and the blonde or German cockroach (Blattella germanica), extended worldwide as a result of the transfer of commercial goods.


These insects need to live heat, food, moisture and shelter.

     They are insects that are active mostly at night, need food, moisture, heat and shelter to hide during the day in cracks or holes where they spend 75% of their lives. Cockroaches are very prolific insect, a female can lay between 6-33 eggs in a home with one that is detected is calculated that can be hidden a dozen more. These insects often live in the same place several species at once, you may not appreciate the slightest change in our home can accommodate a cockroach infestation. The most favorable conditions for expansion are the air conditioning systems of buildings that hold similar environmental conditions all seasons, joined the cockroaches reproductive capacity, the continued presence of these insects is achieved throughout the year.

     Cockroaches often live in democratic colonies, consult in assembly decisions affecting the whole community, cooperate spontaneously to unite in groups to enable them obtain benefits, such as greater chance of achieving reproduction or food. The group behavior mechanism is held through a chemical, visual and tactile communication antennas, and entirely without the need for a leader. Cockroaches follow a predictable pattern in the future I am that a study could explain the functional dynamics of these insects.


It is imperative when we detect an infestation of cockroaches do a very thorough cleaning.

     Although can be considered carnivorous, they prefer starchy foods and sweets with high content of starch, fat and sugar, feed at night, but made of different materials, they do not mind nibbling anything edible, from leather, paper, insect dead, human waste to glue.