The traps to eliminate cockroach infestations. As you use in your home.

     To exterminate the cockroaches could use some methods like poison, and ultrasonic repellents electronic systems. There are also plants such as rosemary or basil, that if planted at the entrance door smell the roaches away.

     Insecticides or poisons should be used by experts, by the danger and toxicity of its components. You always have to be extremely careful in handling and carefully read the labeling instructions. The most widely used and effective, boric acid is a chemical toxic compound but not repellent, so the cockroaches return to treated areas until they die. Liquid spray and aerosols for domestic use are often useful when the population is sparse, but being formulated with insecticides of short duration, are often insufficient to exterminate an infestation of cockroaches. It is important when these products are handled take great care to cover treated to avoid possible health problems surfaces.


Among the insects cockroaches are most types or races there.

     The baits contain insecticides incorporated into an attractive piece of food stored in a container or plastic tray after eating leave his hiding place poison die. On other occasions the roach traps contain pheromones are chemicals that generate a different sexual behavior, altering the normal conditions of the species.

     For pest control, we can also use sticky traps and glue boards, both to combat cockroaches, and for their monitoring and control, with this method we can see the kind of cockroaches that we have and the amount. They are placed in steps, output slots, where they are seen and near sources of water and food. Cockroaches are attached to plastic. Most notable about this product is that no toxic product for manufacturing is not used.


With the union of several disposal methods get exterminate the cockroach infestation.

     Ultrasound systems operatively connected to the mains or batteries, are harmless to people and pets, does not kill cockroaches makes them disappear, since receiving electromagnetic waves are so annoying that make them disoriented. This colony systems move to another place, we recommend using several devices placed in the different rooms of the home, and get to stay away from our home or work.

     It is important not to mix the baited traps or poison, with ultrasonic equipment, because the first and second attract them the scare, getting the plague of cockroaches become disoriented and eventually will do the opposite of what is desired.

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