Cockroaches, curiosities and methods to combat them.

     Cockroaches are a leading invertebrates in the world over 320 million years, are the only insects that have remained so long with so few changes. They are omnivorous, although the dead animal material is probably their main food. In captivity they eat their dead brothers and sisters to each other but do not attack or kill for food.


Cockroaches have been immunized against many of the commonly used insecticides.

     These insects are being investigated for some time as a possible cause of allergies ago, have become very resistant to common insecticides and their population density may be high in some places in the home where there is an abundance of food and high temperature. This has made it very difficult to eradicate and especially to take refuge in places more difficult to access.

     Cockroaches produce a smelly secretions that eventually affect the taste of food, the most convenient to minimize the effects that cockroaches need to protect food and cooking utensils by washing them immediately after use to avoid leaving food within reach and remove all power sources for cockroaches inside the home.


A thorough cleaning will be a good start to eradicate the plague of cockroaches.

     They are the main transmitters of diseases communicable to humans through contaminated food and utensils, such as gastroenteritis. Cockroach droppings are a major trigger of asthma, especially in humid areas and neighborhoods of urban centers. Their excrement and body parts contain allergens that cause hives, sneezing or severe tearing.

     Fighting them is not easy for the possibility of rapid movement, can escape the smallest change in the air, having a pressure-sensitive hairs that warn of the danger of cockroaches and let you respond in 54 milliseconds. They hide in cracks and crevices and travel through the sewers from one building to another. They have a sensitive pores with which they learn to recognize poisons, this coupled with the resistance generated them, makes it very difficult to remove. In a pinch you can stay up to three months based on water and quite a month without eating anything.

     It is important to control cockroaches in your home thoroughly clean food debris, depositing the waste in closed bags and not keep them in the home, not accumulate newspaper boxes or papers. Do not leave pet food containers or water available to these insects, cover drains with filters through which they can not pass, seal the cracks in the wall and check that doors and windows close tightly.


Sealing cracks and drains helps eliminate cockroaches