Traps wasps, use, cleaning and places location

     Wasps are few insects, like bees make their home in a organized colonies, ruled by Queen. The damages that occur in plants desfoliando and destroying the leaves and flowers, coupled with fear of their bites are the most importunate humans.


The construction of the nest and the queen starts continue working.

     Their nests are underground cavities, holes in walls, attics of houses, shrubs and trees. Wasps chew wood into a paste with which they perform their ball-shaped nest, composed of several layers of cells. The construction is carried out only by the queen in his first start and continued by the workers and are born from the first eggs, these workers also will take charge of the care of new babies. The nests of wasps can hold up to 500 workers in the summer when they have their maximum expansion, the arrival of winter die, surviving queen until the following spring where colonize again.


It is not advisable to make any sudden movements when we feel threatened by wasps or bees.

     For these reasons, to avoid painful bites, prevention is essential, since the wasps only attack when threatened, try not to frighten them with sudden movements, if we observe that a nest is near we move away, it is best to follow the wasps at night to determine its location, plus the work of gardening gloves and we will try not to walk barefoot through the garden or around the pool. It is not necessary to seal cracks in the hive, because they always find a place to go. It is important not to leave food and sweet drinks in him outside, and who are attracted to them.


The insect has a special fondness for bright colors.

     There are natural repellents like smoke, usually used to move or destroy hives. You can also use water with detergents a trap container with water and detergent, such as wasps need to get wet to eat enter the vessel and become trapped in the liquid is placed.

     The traps are used remedy to control wasps outdoors, but it is convenient to use several traps around dining area or patios and place in advance of the activities undertaken to optimize results and not leave abroad traps more than one night because wasps have the ability to learn to escape. To get rid of trapped wasps follow the label directions to avoid bites.

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