Control of insect pests using pheromone traps.

     Pheromones are odorous substances produced by animals or any set of living things, are released and dispersed in the air and affect the behavior of other animals of its own species, being a very old form of communication. The mode of action of pheromones is analogous to that used hormones within the body. They carry specific chemical messages from a certain other and cause cells perform certain actions. There are different classifications of pheromones, sex, dissuasive, trace, alarm, etc. Pheromones used for pest control are the sex, the females emerge to claim the male for mating.

      Insects are animals, pheromones they use regularly for this purpose, issuing a specific sex pheromone of each species. The males fly to find the right scent that identify them to their females. Currently, pheromone traps made to capture harmful insects are used. With sex pheromones of other undesirable insects, they spray the infected areas to disorient males seeking females of other species.


Pheromone traps are used to attract males.

     Insects that live in groups like ants use different pheromones to indicate where the food, there are enemies or lurking there to flee. They also have other pheromones for which identify their larvae in the dark of the anthill, some invertebrates have copied the code, as the killer bug that false scent trails left and eats ants follow. Variety of beetles, spiders, centipedes or parasites produce pheromones getting ant larvae feed and live among them without fear of being discovered.


Many insects indicate different situations giving off different pheromones.

     In mammals pheromones are also common with them mark their territories limits, females attract males for mating, detect intruders on its territory by pheromones given off and identify other individuals of their species, whether ornot recognize the that they are closest in vicinity. Recent discoveries have shown that pheromones primates also play an important role. Humans arrival of puberty acquire a certain smell of sweat, this suggests that the behavior of people can change certain pheromones.

     This not only happens with animals, there are some tropical orchids that produce sex hormones some wasps, males try to mate with flowers identifying females of the species and thus carry pollen from one orchid to another.