Insecticides for flies and mosquitoes are very harmful to the human body.

     Insecticides for flies and mosquitoes are very harmful to the human body.Many insecticides to low levels can cause very negative effects on our health, depending on the harmfulness of producto.Esos effects can be mild or severe, in severe cases, the intoxicated person can die. The damage and possible symptoms that affect people, arising from the prolonged use of the most common insecticides are:

  • Headaches and dizziness, together with vomiting, sore throat, sore throat and nasal are the early and mild symptoms that are detected in people.
  • There is a numbness in the extremities, high fever and severe muscle pain, which can lead to paralysis of the muscle. At other times used as insecticides can trigger other diseases such as seizures.
  • Asthma can be detected in the respiratory tract and chronic conditions can get pneumonia. In some extreme cases it has come to death due to respiratory failure.
  • The neuropsychological symptoms can also develop are memory loss, confusion, loss of coordination, and mood swings.
  • In women we can detect a gynecological disorder in the menstrual cycle, male reproductive problems and impotence in men.
  • Can cause cancer, tumors, and congenital malformations.
  • In many pregnant women the use of chemical insecticides causes damage to the nervous system, bones, eyes and even the brain. Sometimes the chemicals only affect the fetus, not the mother, which creates a problem if a time, which can lead to death of the fetus are not warned.


There are many symptoms described by insecticide poisoning.

     It is very important to pay very careful in controlling insects by insecticides in the home, especially when we have all around us children under 6, because many poisoning accidents involving these young children, given its fragility. At that age, children try to explore their surroundings and investigate unknowns. Therefore we seek to be extremely careful to close jars with screw cap, place them in locked cabinets and a considerable height and are not present when you are using.