Mosquito bites. Dawn and dusk are preferred for the attack now.

     Mosquitoes use the sunrise and sunset for supplies of food, it is the time of day you are more at ease, the sunlight is not as straightforward so it's not so hot. The female mosquitoes are biting, need of blood proteins for egg formation, why have itching for at least one season. Unlike male mosquitoes that feed on fruit juices, nectar and sap. The larvae develop into water being fed in the same medium, so it is usual in swampy areas find various mosquito species.

The female mosquitoes are biting people.

    The options required for mosquitoes choose the victim depends on several factors, from the smell, sweat and skin color, carbonic gas desprendamos, body heat, state of health we are, our age, and most important to our body moisture, endless factors to help you choose, the more likely we are to gather more attack.

Mosquitoes choose their victim by physical factors.

     Some insects are inspected minutely field flying around their prey, feelers, until the ideal location to detect its "bite", which can be anywhere on the body. The most successful is that we use the first visual contact with mosquitoes any method to help them give up their idea of ​​chopping (repellents, mosquito swatter and pallets, zappers, ultrasound equipment, etc.), and usually even if we are potential prey fall into their nets before we know it and we have to midge in our mind for a few days.


The most ideal habitat for mosquitoes is produced in areas of water.