Natural flying insect repellent. The plants.

     The existence of insects since antiquity has led to formulas and home remedies they repel, scare or eliminate these unwelcome insects are sought. Protective plants and herbs that repel pests are known, although it is well known that their effectiveness is not yet complete but help uncontaminated, providing aroma and can be used for cooking.


Since ancient plants that repel insects are used.

     To ward off aphids we placed near the honeysuckle, lupine, foxglove or nettle affected plants also act as repellents. If what bothers us are whiteflies use some herbs such as Chinese carnations, marigolds and ornamental snuff. We may also use the microscopic nematode worms that nest in the roots.


Chinese carnations can be put in pots between the garden plants.

     An effective way to remove the irritating presence of mosquitoes in the summer evenings in the home is plantaralbahaca, nasturtium flowers and jasmine scent in pots, placing them in windows and balconies, another effective method for outdoor light candles can be scented lemon.


With the help of the mosquito killers and nature able to eradicate these flying insects.

     There are some plants and herbs for protection against insects such as lavender, rosemary, sage and rue, who act as protectors against pests. For the same purpose, it is also sandwiched between cultures copies mint, basil, tarragon and thyme. Other tricks that are used in organic farming is mixed planting crops such as onions with carrots to avoid the presence of flies that attack. Home remedies are also used as place one or two cloves of garlic that act as repellents certain pests that attack plants leaf.


In organic farming no chemicals are used to kill insects that can affect nature.

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