Whiteflies and proper disposal to prevent pests.

     The most important thing to kill the whitefly plant is to remove affected leaves, do not leave the plant untreated at the end of the larval cycle and prevent plants from seed affected.


Damaged leaves of plants is preferable to eliminate them.

     There are three ways to exterminate this insect chemical, biological and electrical products:

  • Chemicals or pesticides are aggressive and invasive, because they extend throughout the plant without focusing its action on needed parts. Easily resistance for eggs and nymphs are also created. Because this feature is preferable to apply the product with wet and alternating plant with different ranges of other products. If the treatment is done early in the day or the end result will be more optimal. Therefore we can not forget that they are the most harmful to health and pollute the environment.


The females of the white flies lay eggs in circles.

     The important thing to save the plant is to kill adult flies in the cycle, for it can use electronic ahuyentadotes and electronic flying insect exterminators for your home that are easy to place in your home and garden. Another way electrical appliances are yellow sticky traps, the insect have a natural attraction to yellow, where it is attached.


Whiteflies produce some wounds, which are used by fungi and viruses to enter the plant.

     For the use of biological resources is necessary to import a natural enemy to control the pest, despite its simplicity, the implementation requires highly specialized steps. They can microorganisms such as viruses and other pests used, and vertebrates such as green stink bug (Macrolophus Caliginosis) eggs and larvae eats whitefly, is in the Mediterranean area. The small wasp (Eretrocerun Mundu) females also eat the larvae and make the eggs placed next to the whitefly and so when they hatch are installed inside the eggs slowly devouring them from within. They are animals that take advantage of the instincts of life and survival of natural enemy species to control the focus without altering the environment. All this is more feasible when the plague is in the agricultural sector, so expensive and difficult to carry out at home.


The green stink bug eliminates whiteflies, used as biological disposal method.

     The combination of two or more methods of the most correct and fast to eradicate serious invasion disposal.

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