The black fly and its main features.

     The black fly is a Diptera insect with a small 3-6 mm. black, with white wings and smaller than the common housefly. It is very aggressive, rampant rivers, irrigation canals and mountain waters. Unlike mosquitoes are biting with a stylus or sting, black fly bites, causing a tear in the skin through his jaw, the result is the tearing of the skin and the appearance of blood. This produces an inflamed with a red central point area and an area of ​​inflammation around the lesion usually lasts one week. This little while biting fly, releases an anesthetic substance, a vasodilator and an anticoagulant to get out as much blood as possible. Spain does not produce disease in people, but in other parts of the world is often an important transmitter of disease vector.


The black fly bite usually done ripping the skin and makes blood.

     The black fly breeding areas of vegetation on the banks of rivers and streams where they lay eggs. Since its development needs for water, hence the proliferation in irrigated areas and irrigation canals, unlike mosquitoes, which breed in flooded waters, the black fly lays its eggs in the river, next to algae which are coupled their larvae to feed on the organic matter that bears the river. It has been used for disposal in recent times indiscriminate spraying in these areas, but as the larva of underwater black fly that does not work, so if you eliminate this fly is the high temperatures, and which limit the duration of his life, so their development phase and is best in spring or autumn.


It is a difficult bug to eradicate because their larvae are underwater, difficult to spray.

      Black flies often attack in swarms, they are almost negligible when they are alone for its small size. Risk of bite at any time of day, although females are most active at dusk or dawn. Always itchy or in this case the female fly bites, and you need the blood of humans or animals for food and egg development. In areas with abundant vegetation, near the banks of rivers, it is where they tend to concentrate within a radius of 20 km. away from the place where they breed, and the sting release an anesthetic, often the person attacked is only realizes when he sees her in his arms and legs traces of blood. There are people sensitive to an allergic reaction to the bite of the black fly, with hives and important inflammation that may require medical treatment.


Not to be washed away, the larvae attach to the bottom of the river stones or vegetation.

     For prevention of this insect bites are advised to wear clothing with long sleeves, long pants, high socks, clothing that covers the whole body, and white or light, because dark colors attract or combined fly. It can also be used on the skin repellent substances, as repellent cream, spray or repellent essential oil repellants, provided a suitable repelling the black flies, to identify it can request information. Apply remaining uncovered areas of the body, in sufficient quantities, but without excess. In the case of sensitive areas or face, eyes and mouth, it is best to apply first hand. Avoid applying in the hands of children or over cuts, wounds or irritated areas.


Adult black flies feed on plant juices, but females need blood for their larvae live.

Once you have crushed us and to treat the bite of the black fly, it is recommended to clean and disinfect the area of ​​the bite. Apply a soothing cream for bites that may contain ammonia, also avoid scratching to remove any infections or allergic reactions, if the pain and itching persist or affect more serious reactions is advisable to consult your doctor.