Remedies clothes moth. Traps to catch moths.

     Butterflies are flying insects day or night. Hatch from eggs left by the female butterflies in a plant as larvae feeding on leaves to grow rapidly and become nymph or chrysalis, is when he builds a cocoon, butterfly in this state is not fed, but suffers from a metabolic and physical changes, to form the body and wings.


Butterflies moths are distinguished by their very striking.

     Moths to various small and moths are called, they are developed through metamorphosis whose larvae eat stored food or household, such as clothing and paper goods. Some species attack stored grain and fodder rice, corn, chocolate, snuff and there are other books that attack, looking mushrooms that grow on the tail. Of all the species of moths the most problematic for the damage they cause, they are the feeding of clothing stored in closets.

     The clothes moth does not perform migrations, accustomed to living in poorly lit, sheltered and enclosed areas, not their congeners seem, and that is not attracted to the light, so their places of most common location are the closets. Sometimes you can find nests of birds. To combat the larvae of moths must avoid to keep the clothes without washing or airing that have not been used for a long time, as are most appreciate these insects. It is convenient to use bags or airtight drawers specialized for this purpose. It is also important to avoid excessive accumulation of grain or feed in the case of food moths.


Clothes moths are not attracted to the light, or are migratory.

     Some home remedies against moths, are products without chemical substances and have no side effects for people or for the environment, giving a very nice clothes smell. The most recommended are: lavender, can be placed between the clothes hanging in the bar or closets in bags; lemon or orange peel peelings from putting clean clothes; cedar chips or cedar oil, placed in jars suitable for not stain fabrics.

    Another way to kill the moths are chemical methods, is presented in balls or containers to be placed between the clothes or bar cabinets, releasing a strong characteristic odor, slowly being consumed on contact with air producing a gas that kills moth in all states. The most widely used compounds are naphthalene, dichlorobenzene, camphor and derivatives. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, the clothes should be well ventilated before use and particularly avoid inhaling the gases released can be harmful to children or pets.


Moth pests prefer the longest clothes stored in the closet.

     An invasion or plague of butterflies and moths is convenient track. With sticky traps made of natural rubber and adhesive strips which stick together, we recommend changing the strip regularly. We can find fixed or disposable products are easy to use and safe for humans. To combat the moths can be used pheromone traps, made abroad with plastic inside with a base covered with a powerful impregnated tail with attractive pheromones for males, where they are trapped and die down replicability. We may also use the funnel traps are insect collection bags that can be placed close to places frequented by moths, it can cover up to 200 square meters.

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