Insect pests in food. Weevils, moths and beetles.

     The red flour beetle triboliun casteneum known, is considered a pest of stored products in pantry, flour, chocolate, pet food, snuff, etc. The cycle of red and adult beetles, egg, larva, can last for seven weeks and live about 1 year. These beetles are crawlers being attracted to light. There are others of their species with common characteristics in food and cycles, like the teeth without being attracted by light. The beetle snuff and drugstore beetle are occasional pests, but prefer dry plants like herbs and spices.


The bait stations are placed in areas where we store food, such as warehouses, kitchens, pantries, etc.

     The meal moth is a common household pest. His power is usually dried fruit, flour, chocolate, cornmeal, milk, pet food. He can be found on their adult status in the gray wings, measuring 1.3 cm. In its larval cycle is a pink caterpillar that moves through contaminated food crawling for shelter to become an adult. The caterpillars feed on the surfaces of infested product and produce silk thread, like a spider web, in the food. Their life cycle is about month.


Food wheat, rice and maize are the most targeted by these pests.

     Rice weevil, grain or wheat weevil and maize weevil are about meals, the most damaging, one of the most destructive and harmful pests of grain in the world. More easily they breed in warmer temperatures, being all good reptadotes some flying insects and therefore may affect the grain in storage and in the field. Some of them like grain weevil may overwinter. The females come to lay about 300 eggs in her life, from 8-9 months. Egg cycles are completed larvae 30 days. When attacking the grain is perceived by an irregular hole above the skin.


If we use airtight containers in pantries, get elude insect pests in food.

     These pests are highly resistant to many kinds of insecticides, it is important to know in detail why their morphologies and characteristics, being helpful for extermination. While adults are the signs of an infestation, only killing them is not the solution, what is important is to destroy infected products where the pest, resorting to extreme cleaning and the use of closed containers and sealed to avoid later problems with these insects. Often the original source is used in boxes or bags of products, which are saved by mistake in closets. The infestation is causing anger as adults looking for food.


There are different types of beetles, weevils and moths affecting food. It is important to recognize.