How to remove the bats that are installed in our home. Most commonly used methods.

    By knowledge we have about bats, we know that these animals look for parking spots and putting babies in buildings or attics, where they usually sleep, raise and parking. It is also very common that are outside balconies and terraces looking food small insects such as mosquitoes, flies, moths and other small insects.

    The most important thing in the first case is to identify the places in the house where bats are positioned and where they tend to go outside, this can know more precisely at sunset, as it is at the moment they leave their lair to feed.


Bats often seek places of rest in darkness.

    Once you know where to go, it is to seal all areas of the house where they may enter with tow or common chip; expanded polystyrene, cork or white FCL and with silicone to ensure sealing, but leaving unsealed holes where it has been observed that are used by bats to go outside.
 It can ensure that scare bats, a natural repellents using gases that occur with naphthalene or ether; direccionalas halogen light to where they nest and let them flee to bother; or even with another mechanism such as noise. For it is often used sonic or ultrasonic repellers performing ultrasonic sounds and disoriented and upset the bats. After having left his lair close all places used as output. Once this goal should proceed to sealing all possible avenues of income, covering the spaces between the tiles and the ceiling of his house, because otherwise it can cause a recolonisation in the building.

    When the location is on balconies or terraces it is important to remove the power supply of the bats that are quoted as flying insects. This requires placing an electrical fly or bait traps outside, thus eliminate insects and their predators.


Most bats are frugivorous or feed on small insects.

    In some areas the properties of the plant or Zábina juniper (Juniperus Sabina) or also referred to other lugaresAgabe or Pita is used, often hanging in the parking areas and breeding, placed on rooftops or locations closer to the bats . They are natural methods that can alleviate when the establishment of bats is not great.

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