Common ways to kill rodents. Control and eliminate rats and mice.

     We used warfarin sometimes a poisonous substance that kills rats, but for genetic reasons some are resistant to the substance and after being exposed to it survive, multiply and transmit that gene to other generations. Therefore we must investigate new substances so that the rats do not generate that resistance.


Rats have a capacity of negative response to unfamiliar foods.

    For pest control it is very useful to use snapshots baited traps and glue boards that help to exterminate rodents. Mouse traps with bait are made permanent anticoagulant baits begin to take effect from the 4th day, but ingesting the bait from a loss of vitality that is felt in the movement of rats. These products containing the trap are the least harmful to humans (children) and pets, toxicity is related to the weight of consuming it, they are made with a bitter substance that makes it unacceptable for humans, leading a special dye which stains mucous membranes of children and if swallowed Pets and Wildlife, visually discover and combat vitamin K.

    The glue boards trap is a non-toxic adhesive continuous tray where the rat is held by stepping, you can use bait depositing it in the middle of the tray. The trap is placed in the way it uses the commonly rodent or near nests or traps. We know that in some places, rats tend to drag their food into the corners, where they eat, they are forced priming points.

    It is important to chase rats eliminating sources of food and garbage inside the home, store food for domestic animals and seeds in airtight and hard plastics. Put screens on windows and doors normally open, provided the sloping roofs are not allowed to plant trees or vines access to the roof.


One way to attack the plague of rats, fully eliminating possible inputs from the outside.

    Rats are animals that transmit many diseases attack pets, poultry, and sometimes humans. They do it through their droppings, urine, saliva and bites. Where diseases or causative agents actively transform and evolve within the rat. Borne diseases rats are Leptospirosis, Rabies, You were, trichinosis.

   There are any number of diseases spread by rodents vectors be large parasites like lice, fleas and mites. The most common are: bubonic plague, endemic typhus and vesicular ricketsiosis. By simple mechanical transmission (drive), rodents can spread many diseases, hepatitis, typhoid, tuberculosis and others. When infecting maintains contact with contaminated materials from the disease (garbage, feces, etc.).

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