Control of wasps and bees. Methods of disposal

      A wasps live in colonies that are called social, consist of males, females and sterile workers. There are others who live alone, they are not the solitary wasps, including no workers, build individual nests. Social wasps have their meeting place around flowers, plants, near sources of water (pools, wells, etc.) and especially when they find a source of food (barbecue, outdoor meals, etc.). Feels strongly attracted wasps toward the sound of motors or pumps that generate electricity. Usually they located in cracks in walls, trees or leaky ceilings in the house.


Wasps often make their nest in tree holes in lofts or roofs.


     Keep in mind that unlike wasps bees do not die by biting so we can receive several consecutive bites. These insects because of the poison they inject when biting bumps produce about 10 ml. in diameter, burning pain and itching. Rebound effect, infection due to these bumps sting that nailed stays also occurs. Special care must show allergic to wasp stings, about possible health problems that bring them coming he has cause them to death. The most severe effects are bites occur when neck, head and face. The severity of symptoms depends on the number of stings, age and previous exposure to them. A sensitive allergic to wasps and bees are advised to avoid unnecessary risks, taking long-sleeved clothing, injectable adrenaline, anti-inflammatory spray and tweezers to remove the stinger.

     The use of wasp traps on the outside is a very effective method to kill them, is a container where an attractant that produces a powerful liquid bait for these insects is introduced contains a hole through which the wasps are entered, looking for bait They fall into the liquid and drown. We place them near us to reduce the risk of bite or where they are assiduously.


Traps outside with a strong attractant for wasps where you drown.

     Wasps can use repellents, chemical or natural composition, is one way to keep them away, but not to kill them. These active substances found in repellents are unpleasant for wasps away with minimal contact. Can be found in skin creams and lotions for use and placing them in liquid or spray in the walkways or annoyance of these insects. There are specific products that are sprayed on barbecues, pool decks or floors, but it is noteworthy that often chemical assets with pyrethrins or permethrin, which can be a danger for smaller people.

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