Diseases and problems that cause rats to men.

     Rats have lived with the man from the beginning of time, as Aristotle wrote about them and also Alexander, demonstrating their knowledge. Currently there are almost everyone, traveling alongside men on ships crossing the oceans to withstand high and low temperatures, living anywhere in the field, in gardens, in landfills, sewers and man at home.


Rats and mice are some expert climbers.

     These animals eat almost all foods they consume man, but preferring sugary substances, milk, cheese, meat, fat, fruit and cereal grains that if they choose the best opportunity. Rats are also fond of drinks including alcohol, in Jerez de la Frontera in a famous wine cellar offers a unique show to visitors, it is to see the drunken little mice out of their hiding places to drink sweet sherry.

   Rats and mice produce a physical damage on the walls, wooden beams, pipes and electric cables, being a great danger for libraries, for destroying them completely, they are ten times more destructive to the food that foods can get consumed.


A good bait or lure for the traps of mice is to place a small piece of cheese.

    All this is joined that rats are the animals most directly and indirectly transmitted diseases humans and animals. These diseases can transmit through three methods. Indirectly through eigenvectors rat as fleas, lice and mites. Directly through their droppings, urine, saliva, hair, etc. and through direct contact with rats or bites. There are diseases that rodents can spread through contact of infected material.

    Most important to preventing disease is to have extreme care with cleaning the house, cooking utensils, etc. and removing food sources indoors or cover them with containers with airtight closure; remove feces and urine of rats, but before spraying with antivirus treatment to inactivate any virus and avoid using broom to renew the concentrated dust.


Avoid as much as possible to accumulate food debris and garbage contributes to the elimination of rats.

To prevent rodents from nesting in homes, it is also important to close the garbage in metal or plastic buckets and avoid keeping them within the home; cover or seal all openings larger than 0.5 cm. with wire or cement; leñeras place when 30 meters or more from the house needed, raising the wooden floor on 30 cm .; It is also important in the gardens farthest transporting household waste as abandoned vehicles, used tires and other items that can be used to nest; keep mowed lawns, bushes and large shrubs around the house.

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