Rats and mice carry diseases by parasites that host.


The way of spreading rats is, when in contact with feces or dead animals.

     The rats parasite-borne diseases are:

  • Endemic typhus: is common in tropical and subtropical countries. Often called murine typhus or urban, often they transmit parasites such as fleas or lice that carry rats. This disease attacks humans secondarily, as the main host is the rat. Symptoms appear about ten days after the bite and include high fever, pain in muscles and joints, stiffness, headaches, and brain disorders.
  • Bubonic plague: it is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. It is a zoonosis field especially rodents that can be transmitted to humans by fleas. Known since antiquity, the first global pandemic was recorded in ancient Egypt causing death in 50% of the population of North Africa, Europe and West Asia. The most serious called the Black Death occurred in the fourteenth century and generated the deaths of 25 million people, a third of the world's population died from the disease, was a before and after in social habits especially in hygiene . It still is today an active disease, occurs suddenly with high fever, chills, intense thirst, nausea and exhaustion. It is characterized by lumps appearing glands (armpits, English and Neck), coming very painful and ulcerated, with abundant necrosis and hemorrhage. Because of these inflammations sprout in the other side skin, forming blisters and blue pustules.
  • Chagas disease or Chagas Disease: is the name which is designated in humans infection by a protozoan named Trypanosoma cruzi Kinetoplastida order. Disease is present exclusively in Latin America, which affects at least 18 African countries, two ecological zones, according to their behavior: in the Southern Cone, where the vector is within man's house, and the rest of Latin America, where the vector lives both inside and outside homes.


Parasites such as fleas, ticks, etc. carrying rats and mice, they are those that transmit diseases.

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