Flying insects in hotels and restaurants. As exterminate flies and mosquitoes in dining rooms.

     When we go to a hotel or restaurant we like to find the best conditions of hygiene and cleanliness, some stores give us a sense of cleanliness and neatness, however when an insect around the visual sensation disappears to feel rejection, discomfort and mistrust appear.


The elimination of insects in this restoration promoted by public health.

     To return the image of safety and quality to users of the restaurant and hotel, it is accepted by all that it is best to have a high level of food security, applying good housekeeping practices and improved facilities. The hotel industry recognizes the need for these health improvements to avoid endangering the health of its customers and a possible cessation of business by making these bad practices.
     Do not forget that these insects can carry parasites and pathogens that cause foodborne diseases such as salmonellosis. Using methods to eliminate flies and insects in these local hoteliers, it is a way to alleviate this record health problem.


The anti-insect chemicals are incompatible with the hospitality.

The most widely used in bars, restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens and dining adhesive methods are insect exterminators way to eliminate harmful insects without trace, since they remain attached to the device inside cardboard, easily replaceable without being seen by customers. It is located on the wall and contain an actinic light inside to the claim of the insect. Note that are devices that do not emit any noise or smells to kill insects, this coupled with the elegance and style of designs that allows integrated into the environment, the most suitable for these local method.


Kills insects with sticky cardboard are the most appropriate for its hotel and restaurant design.

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