The gray rats are displacing voles.

     The rats were divided into two gray sewer rat or groups and the black rat or country, colloquially known as mouse.

   The gray rats live in the towns, with great organization in their society; There is a dominant male that is frequently changing due to the struggles and infighting. They are rodents that has a great ability in the water and are more aggressive than rats, causing serious damage in grain warehouses.


The Norway rat has arrived displace the black rat and become a major pest.

     These rats are omnivorous, feeding on insects, trash, leftover food, vegetable, animal waste or their own bodies. Eat every day 10% of its weight and can eat foods as diverse as paper, rubber, lead, wood, plastic. For this quality they are so harmful to electrical cables and pipes.

      The black rats living in the countryside, are good climbers and feed on vegetables, cereal grains and seeds is what they like, they move up the food and then move to their nest. At present world has a large displacement of black rats, being a smaller and less aggressive than the gray rat species.


The gray rat is more aggressive than the black rat.

      Latest news from around the world indicate that rats and mice are increasing rapidly, many cities are suffering an invasion, such as the city of Birmingham the second largest in England which has been recently plagued by rats. Unfortunately, the flute and the Pied Piper did not exist and the man with his intelligence is looking for ways to eliminate these pests.

     In conclusion, rats are extremely harmful to man for damages borne diseases and unfortunately very thoughtful effort to raise awareness is made.