Curiosities of the snails and slugs. Cosmetic use of the snail.

The Snails Trail

     In many cases we can see in our garden or garden snails by the presence of the trail of slime that often leave to crawl. But what is really interesting is that often leave slime trails that parallel or one above the other.

     After some research and after measuring the thickness while Baba was concluded that the snails and slugs keep track of other specimens of the same species to conserve power, when using the same track need generate fewer baba its predecessors, thus saving up to two thirds of energy, which then utilized for feeding or breeding. You could say that instead use a paved a road with stones and road obstacles.


One way to detect the snails is their trail.

     Detecting chemicals that are contained in this viscous liquid, snails enables them to determine the direction and species that has left this trail. Normally these molluscs are tracking in the same direction, thus more quickly are located in the mating season.

Properties of the snail

     Lately we are accustomed to hear or see ads in the media of the miraculous properties of the snail, which promise to cure acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and burns. This contradiction has been many experts say that while the benefits for the skin secretions of this animal are amply demonstrated, most of these products with snail have not been obtained with proper scientific rigor.

     The discovery of the properties of the snail, by chance, like many discoveries in science. In 1965 the hospital Gregorio Maranon de Madrid, Dr. Mr. Abad Iglesias oncology snails underwent X-ray radiation ygamma, discovering that secrete a special different from that used to scroll substance. And this same substance quickly healed injuries that were produced by applying radiation.


All creams based on the snail, must go through a rigorous control.

     After these discoveries will have to differentiate between the baba using the snail to move, lacking healing properties and secretion given off as a defense mechanism to environmental aggressions and apparently helps slow aging, repairing the skin of people . This discharge has a dual function, stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin repair the signs of aging and minimize the damage caused by free radicals being to blame for the skin to age prematurely. So all based creams snail must be supported by rigorous scientific study that supports the properties offered.