More insects are cockroaches transmitted diseases. How to avoid these problems.

     It is known to cockroaches for damages that occur in foods that play and the damage is not in the material they eat, but contamination of these foods for their secretions, with an unpleasantly characteristic odor and bacteria, viruses and protozoa trasportan after contacting with feces sewers nesting.


More insects are cockroaches transmitted diseases.

     With respect to bacteria have been found over thirty related to cockroaches, it is true that these insects are transmitters of diseases, but there is no direct relationship between a disease and a sort of determined roach, plus research has been checking that can lead either on the surface of your body or intestine some residents in the garbage or feces they walk and eat, producing the following diseases contaminating bacteria: leprosy, bubonic plague, dysentery, infantile diarrhea, urinary tract infections and intestinal inflammation and training pus, gastroenteritis, enteric fever and typhoid. Several studies show that cockroaches can acquire, maintain and excrete certain viruses, being vectors of infectious hepatitis.

     There is documentation of body problems with cockroaches as contact dermatitis, edema of the eyelids and nose, watery eyes, constant sneezing. It is easy for people who have these symptoms in the future irritations or allergic reaction to cockroaches secretions trigger.


It has been demonstrated that cockroaches are carriers of allergies.

     Cockroaches have been identified as carriers of allergies associated with asthma. The cause of cockroach allergy source is in your body, secretions, eggs and droppings found in house dust. There are several routes of infection:

  • The inhalation of allergens resident in body and feces, causes asthma in sensitive individuals cockroach extract.
  • Ingestion of foods contaminated by cockroaches, keep in mind that these allergens are heat stable, not affected by cooking.
  • By contact when handling or touching cockroaches, in the case of laboratory workers or cleaning pest.
  • Another way is by injection local reactions are caused by the bites of roaches.


A cockroach can survive for more than a month without water or food.