How to eliminate the plague of snails in our garden or orchard. Traps and home remedies.

     To combat slugs or snails traps with methiocarb pellets metaldehino active substances or to the floor and next to the plant is divided into small piles used. It has a special attractive he makes the snails to eat fast and die within days. This type of treatment involves some risk by being made with toxic products, both for children and for the birds or pets may ingest these grains.


In no time a plague of snails can ruin a crop.

     The baited traps generate attractive to snails and slugs, once it enters the trap snail or slug can not find the way out and drown in the liquid bait. They are natural methods to eradicate these mollusks without danger to the environment.

     It can be used as a home remedy for pest snails or slugs, bury a small water-filled container or beer, humidity and smell of beer will attract them and drown. You can also use claim lettuce leaves or green cabbage, also cardboard or plastic, are spread over the land at dusk, to retire the next morning with snails attached. Ownership of sodium chloride is known to kill slugs, that the bypass contact causes them to die, but their consequences to land and other plants is not very convenient, it can also remove them. It can also be placed around plants or copper pots paper or aluminum foil, and electrical reactions that produce them and prevent their passage to be sharp surfaces. Slugs and snails seek refuge during the day in cold and wet places beneath brick, large stones, wooden planks, etc. it is important to have located these sites and register daily to eliminate them.


Slugs need moist soil and feed when the temperature exceeds 10 ° C.

     Snails and slugs have many natural predators, snakes, beetles, toads, including other species of snails. Other predators are birds like chickens, pheasants, ducks and pond snails specialist snail kite. They are used as food bait for reptiles and other pets. When in the stage of eggs they are devastated by centipede.

     Humans are largely predatory snails hazards, apart from the threat of being stepped on, obviously, water pollution and acid rain, it makes its shell destroyed poisoning them and causing their elimination. Another natural and healthy way to eradication by humans is its use in culinary uses. Part of Mediterranean cuisine from time immemorial, especially in Spain and France, where it is cataloged for delicacy. Many people find it a pleasurable hobby the pick and cook in different ways.


Snails are considered since antiquity a healthy and economic food

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