Moles and voles

Everything about moles and voles, control pests, diseases transmitted curiosities, differences between voles and mice, most commonly used methods for eradication etc.

Voles and control diseases transmitted to people.

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Enter a rag soaked in gasoline at the entrance of their burrows, or mothballs in the tunnels through the holes then covering the mouth of the burrow. There are cartridges that the mole pops when pierced galleries. The traps to hunt are very useful when the concentration of voles is not high, are hunted live and then drop them as far as possible the affected area.
Currently due to the change in the weather, down from frost and temperature rise in spring, we experience a change in habits and lifestyle of the species, pests reaching authentic produced by animals like voles generating a problem of public health.

Field voles, a very difficult pest to eliminate.

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Voles the countryside of northern Spain, it has a very particular aspect differing from their peers by very mild features, highlighting its cylindrical body with plump appearance, short neck, broad snout with powerful jaws, with very short legs to facilitate movement in Inside the galleries and a short tail adapted to life underground, half-life is 10 months, its length does not exceed 150 mm.
In times of heavy rain, we find more food availability and ease to excavate galleries to be the softer ground, this causes the proliferation of voles, reaching a population increase of 1500 more per hectare detected.