Bees and wasps

Everything about bees and wasps from as control potential pests such as delete, types of traps and how to use them, reaccines allergic to their bites, etc.

Diferencia entre abeja, avispa y abejorro

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Scientists from the research group Tecnogam the Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (IUCA) of the University of Zaragoza, located at the Polytechnic School of Huesca, carried out a project to characterize and conserve the native black bee in the autonomous community, whose scientific name is iberiensis Apis mellifera.

Do you know what to do if you get a bite?

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It is not the same as a spider bites you, a wasp or jellyfish. Skin and body generally reacts differently and it is convenient now that in summer are more exposed, know how to deal with the bite of some kind.
Those responsible for the Pediatric Service of the General Hospital of Villalba de Madrid, doctors Roi Pineiro and Ivan Carabaño have published a guide for proper treatment of bites of insects and arachnids, in order to banish the myths and provide updated information.
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