Cockroaches and crawling insects

Everything about cockroaches and terrestrial insects, methods to control, traps to kill pests in your home or workplace etc.

Arthropods abound in our homes.

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Since man is a sedentary animal, has lived in the home environment with other uninvited bodies come in search of food and shelter. Insects, spiders and their relatives have lived and evolved with us throughout our history.

We share our homes with over 100 'bugs'

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Humans share our homes with more than 500 types of arthropods, animals found among insects, spiders and mites.
The rising temperatures that comes with spring favors the proliferation of pests in homes, according to the National Association of Pest Control (ANECPLA), which has indicated that the most common are cockroaches, ants, wasps and bedbugs.
Cockroaches are a leading invertebrates in the world over 320 million years, are the only insects that have remained so long with so few changes. They are omnivorous, although the dead animal material is probably their main food. In captivity they eat their dead brothers and sisters to each other but do not attack or kill for food.
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