Everything about pheromones, classification and use of pheromones, use of pheromones to control pests, etc.

Curiosities about pheromones in animals and people.

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Curiosities about pheromones in animals, insects and people.

Control of insect pests using pheromone traps.

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Pheromones are odorous substances produced by animals or any set of living things, are released and dispersed in the air and affect the behavior of other animals of its own species, being a very old form of communication. The mode of action of pheromones is analogous to that used hormones within the body.

As pheromones are used in traps for capturing insects and removal.

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With the use of pheromones, the use of chemical insecticides are diminished, generating less pollution to the environment, being biodegradable products produced by nature itself and used in very small amounts. Pheromones are species-specific and thus control the plague of these insects, avoiding kill others that may be beneficial and favoring the natural biological balance.

Classification and use of pheromones by insects in nature.

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Fragrant Pheromones are chemicals secreted by animals, people or plants, causing certain answers in mating, development or behavior of other members of that species. It found evidence of pheromones in both invertebrates and vertebrates.