Chemical insecticides

Human Body reaction to chemical insecticides.

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By poison or toxic substance means any chemical that causes harmful effects when it enters the human body
Insecticides for flies and mosquitoes are very harmful to the human body.Many insecticides to low levels can cause very negative effects on our health, depending on the harmfulness of producto.Esos effects can be mild or severe, in severe cases, the intoxicated person can die.
When an insect pest is detected in an area and apply an insecticide, it is rarely achieved exterminate all the insects in a single application, some manage to survive the treatment. This does not mean that these insects are different from those of their kind, but they have a defense mechanism that sets them apart is that insecticide resistance.

Chemical insecticides and soil contamination.

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The soil is the default place where they end up much of the solid and liquid waste of any human activity. Soil contamination is the presence of chemical compounds made by man or other alteration to the natural soil environment. Everything that is not useful in any industrial, mining, urban, agricultural processing, etc. It is accumulated uncontrollably on the floor over the years.