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Everything about the flies, mosquitoes and flying insects, types of repellents and use, to identify various insect bites, curisidades, pest control in certain places, types of flies and mosquitoes, which transmit diseases, natural repellents etc.

La vida (a)sexual de los insectos

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La mayoría de grupos de insectos desarrolla organismos unisexuales que se reproducen sexualmente mediante la cópula, generando descendencia a través de la puesta de huevos. Sin embargo, su enorme diversidad también esconde un gran abanico de mecanismos reproductivos.

Insectos asombrosos en nuestro planeta

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Insects, after noticing the substances emitted by the human body, they select their prey from a distance and choose which they like to not release
Spain is preparing for a "hot" summer from the point of climatological and epidemiologically. Experts in pest control and specialists in tropical medicine have dataO alert to the increased risk of transmission of zika in our country in the coming months due to the increased flow of travelers on vacation and celebration in August Olympics Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the epicenter of the infection.

A new technique may help control virus-carrying insects.

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The technique can be transferred to many insects, including mosquitoes Aedes' carrying Zika virus, and is more effective "than conventional pesticides".
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