Cockroaches are insects flattened body, can be measured in the range of 3-65 mm, with threadlike antennae that serve to orient themselves, because they lack the sense of sight, they are practically blind, use their antennae to detect vibrations on surfaces changes temperature and humidity. They have long, spiny legs and chewing mouthparts.
To exterminate the cockroaches could use some methods like poison, and ultrasonic repellents electronic systems. There are also plants such as rosemary or basil, that if planted at the entrance door smell the roaches away.

Control of insect pests using pheromone traps.

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Pheromones are odorous substances produced by animals or any set of living things, are released and dispersed in the air and affect the behavior of other animals of its own species, being a very old form of communication. The mode of action of pheromones is analogous to that used hormones within the body.

Whiteflies and proper disposal to prevent pests.

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The most important thing to kill the whitefly plant is to remove affected leaves, do not leave the plant untreated at the end of the larval cycle and prevent plants from seed affected.

Treatments to eradicate the pine processionary.

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To combat and control the pest of processionary there are different ways, it is recommended to know the phases or larval cycles. There are the poles to remove the pockets, glued ribbon and cone trap to catch the caterpillars of the processionary when they come down from the trees, also insect mimetic moth hormone, specific frentre lepidopteran caterpillars.

The pine processionary. This pest is widespread in Europe.

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The pine processionary is an insect that lives in nests built in preferably pine trees, but also arranged in cedar and fir. In spring, the processionary down from the trees and travel in line, looking for a suitable place to bury and make the metamorphosis to become chrysalis.
It is a spring day, when the heat starts to rise and suddenly found a "bug" followed by some more, until we discovered that too. It must be removed, when we think of seeking a solution, using any method we have at home.
The rising temperatures that comes with spring favors the proliferation of pests in homes, according to the National Association of Pest Control (ANECPLA), which has indicated that the most common are cockroaches, ants, wasps and bedbugs.