The pine processionary is a common pest in the area of ​​South and Central Europe, attacks pine forests, firs and cedars. In Spain you can find on the peninsula and the Balearics. The damage that occurs is the defoliation of the tree, weakening and facilitate the attack of other enemies. Besides the caterpillars have hairs that produce hives, skin and mucous membrane irritation.

Treatments to eradicate the pine processionary.

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To combat and control the pest of processionary there are different ways, it is recommended to know the phases or larval cycles. There are the poles to remove the pockets, glued ribbon and cone trap to catch the caterpillars of the processionary when they come down from the trees, also insect mimetic moth hormone, specific frentre lepidopteran caterpillars.

The pine processionary. This pest is widespread in Europe.

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The pine processionary is an insect that lives in nests built in preferably pine trees, but also arranged in cedar and fir. In spring, the processionary down from the trees and travel in line, looking for a suitable place to bury and make the metamorphosis to become chrysalis.

The pine processionary. New method of disposal.

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The Thaumetopoea pityocampa or processionary pine, in its caterpillar stage is covered with hairs that emit floating in the air when threatened. These hairs have a stinging and allergic effect that can irritate ears, eyes, nose, throat and skin.
The arrival of spring accelerates the onset of the processionary caterpillar, one of the major allergic reactions that occur in our country. Mainly comes from the pines, but also other types of trees such as mulberry trees. The most important thing to avoid a sting (although as such not be because they do not bite, they are only toxic by contact) is able to identify them.

High temperatures advance the plague of pine processionary.

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This insect, caterpillar stage already affects more than 10,000 hectares in the center of the region and causes damage typical of spring season. Environment provides for controlled advancement of drillers, who have eaten 400,000 trees.